Many people with migraines, persistent concussion symptoms and learning difficulties have difficulty with the brightness of computer screens and devices.  Scrolling, moving images, and the pattern of text can lead to discomfort, nausea and eye strain and pain.


The Crossbow Tint & Track software is designed to add a custom colour filter to all material on the computer screen. This allows you to select the colour, intensity, and saturation of the screen tint to reduce contrast and increase comfort. 

Screen Tinting Software

  • Crossbow Tint and Track

    Crossbow's brand-new software gives you a fully configurable screen overlay that works on top of all your normal programs, providing anything from a tinted bar to a whole tinted screen to aid reading and writing on the computer. 


    Features Include: 

    • Use with any application including internet browsers 

    • Type through the overlay 

    • Easy to use

    • Quickstart menu 

    • Autosave settings  


    It has a simple to use control panel to change the colour, tint level, height, width and position on the screen.  


    Ideal when users have to share computers or work on programs with different coloured backgrounds. 


    Two modes


    1) Reading Ruler mode: 

    • Enables you to highlight your position on the screen when reading or writing, with optional tracking lines. 

    • Moves with your mouse so no need to hold and drag. 

    • The lock button allows you to lock the ruler keeping your position, freeing your mouse from the ruler to move around the screen. 


    2) Overlay mode: 

    • Lets you choose a specific area of your screen to tint; place it and it stays. 

    • Use the hot-corners to easily resize and move the Virtual Overlay. 


    Currently available for PC and Windows® systems only. 


    Contact us for a digital downloadable version

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