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Client Testimonial

“The Vista Mesh technology keeps my night vision pain below the threshold I’m always worried about when in a car at night.  When wearing them, my overloaded brain can cope with the incoming brake lights, headlights, and reflective signs on the roadside. I also use them as part of my pacing strategies at night.” 

This client wears precision tinted lenses to help manage her extreme visual stress.  Because her tint is quite saturated, they are not appropriate for night driving. We offered the option of the VistaMesh lenses for use at night and, while not used for extended periods for fear of over-stimulation when not wearing her precision tints, she found they worked well to increase her tolerance of the lights and reflections while night driving. 

The problem with yellow night driving glasses

It is an all too common misconception that yellow tinted or yellow polarized night driving glasses are beneficial for night time driving. The thought is, the yellow or amber colour reduces glare and improves contrast. However, in reality, when driving at night or dusk, in already limited lighting conditions, these tints further reduce the amount of light transmitted to the eye, and consequently, further impair vision. The problem is compounded as the yellow tint gives the wearer the impression they are seeing better, when in fact the reverse is actually true.

"Yellow 'Night Driving' lenses have been shown to provide no benefit in seeing ability at night. They are even hazardous because they give the driver a feeling of seeing better, which no one has yet been able to explain. Studies have shown that they actually impair visual performance and retard glare recovery."

- Forensic Aspects of Vision and Highway Safety, Merrill J. Allen, O.D., Ph.D., Et al.

"While they may make the driver feel more comfortable, they also reduce the wearer's visibility of the darker portions of the roadway."

- Sunglass Association of America

While yellow lenses can be effective for foggy or hazy daylight conditions, they are not effective against headlight glare and should not be worn at dusk or night. If glare from headlights is a problem, the first step should be a thorough eye examination, as this could be an early indication of cataracts or other medical conditions. 

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Vista Mesh

Solutions for night driving difficulties

Vista Mesh lenses grid

Vista Mesh lenses provide real relief for individuals with computer screen intolerance as well as difficulties with glare following cataract, macular degeneration, or laser eye surgery. They also reduce eye strain fluorescent lights and glare from digital devices.

While not as effective as precision tinted lenses at targeting the specific light frequencies that lead to visual stress, these lenses can be used as part of a more complete visual stress solution.  Precision tinted lenses prescribed for individuals with severe light sensitivity in post-concussion or post-ABI rehabilitation are often too deeply saturated for use at night or in low light environments.  Vista Mesh provides an additional accommodation for night driving.

Vista Mesh lens components

The Components

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​Relieving night vision difficulties

A wide range of conditions makes it hard to see at night.  Millions of people have difficulty, and it is only getting harder with the bright LED street lights, automobile headlights and brake lights filling up our streets. 


A new solution for night time driving difficulties is Vista Mesh, an antiglare lens technology that incorporates a micro-mesh filter so light passes through the lens in only one direction. This technology aligns scattered light reflections, dampens flicker and blocks electromagnetic radiation in the same way a polarising filter works in sunglasses. 


Vista Mesh lenses are available as a prescription or non-prescription lens and have a light transmission of 90%, meeting standard requirements for day and night driving. 

Vista Mesh Benefits:
  • Aligns scattered light reflections

  • Dampens flicker

  • Sharpens contrast

  • Reduces eye strain

  • Deflects EMI radiation

  • AR coating minimizes internal reflections, reducing halo problems

Vista Mesh Features:
  • 90% light transmission brown contrast filter

  • reflection free anti-reflective coating

  • UV385 cut-off protection

  • Unique V-M optical mesh filter

  • Mid index 1.56 material

  • Super Easyclean top coat

Vista Mesh Application:
  • Computer use

  • Night driving

  • Office environments

  • Clinical afflictions

  • Digital devices

  • General reading and writing

  • Motion sickness

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