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Solutions for Visual Stress


The first step to finding a solution for visual stress is to identify what is causing it.

The next step is to change the visual environment or how you see it. 

Get Assessed

While you can make modifications to your own environment, you can’t change the world to suit your needs.


Contact Opticalm to learn how you can remove triggers, filter images and alter lighting to make your world more comfortable.

Get tested for visual stress and have your unique visual filters identified. Everyone has a different optimal coloured filter to reduce visual stress, just as everyone has a different prescription to improve vision refraction. 

Looking for tinted glasses online?

How do you know if they will work or not? Do you really want to buy something you have never tried? Opticalm understands and has on hand several of the online products available for trial (Ottawa Clinic only).

Visit Opticalm to find out, and learn more about the importance of precision.


Many companies sell pre-tinted lenses online. While some of these may offer optimal relief for some individuals, it is almost impossible to know if it will be the right colour to reduce symptoms. Research has shown that optimal symptom relief is only achieved when a wide selection of filter colours is trialed. 


If rose, green, amber or yellow lenses have been recommended without any testing, we suggest that a Visual Stress Assessment is performed before any money is spent on glasses that may not work. 

It is also important to know that fashion tints are not designed for medical purposes. Opticalm offers precision medical tints that have a smooth transmission curve and block specific wavelengths of light for maximum results.

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