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Precision-tinted lenses

Precision-tinted lenses are available from our network of colorimetry providers. These lenses are the optimal solution as they filter out triggers making your whole visual environment more comfortable.

E Ink (ePaper) electronics

Most individuals rely heavily on computers and other screens to perform their jobs, learn and manage their day-to-day lives. E Ink Electronics can help you increase your tolerance and comfort at work, school and in your everyday life.

Screen tinting software

Many people with migraines, persistent concussion symptoms and learning difficulties struggle with the brightness of their mobile devices and computer. Scrolling, moving images, screen flicker and the pattern of text can lead to headache, nausea, eye strain and discomfort.

Opticalm offers apps and software to help reduce and improve these symptoms!

Coloured paper

Writing on bright white paper may be difficult or distracting. Editing printed documents or handwriting may be improved when writing on the correct coloured paper.


LED lighting

Those suffering from Visual Stress may find that light and glare appear too bright. Flicker can also be a major trigger.  


Opticalm offers lighting solutions that can make your office and home environment more comfortable: light control, range of light intensities and reduced flicker rate.

Coloured overlays

Coloured overlays are an effective way to help reduce your Visual Stress symptoms and can significantly improve the rate and accuracy of reading.

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