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If you, or someone you know, suffer from the symptoms of visual stress because of a concussion, migraine, or other neurological condition, our team can provide you with information, services, and assistive tools and technology to assist in reducing these symptoms.


Our Colorimetry Clinicians and Optical Specialists address the physical, behavioural, and perceptual symptoms of visual stress using evidence-based tools and best practice guidelines. 


Our team provides:


  • Assessments to determine the specific triggers to symptoms, and to identify possible solutions

  • Custom and off the shelf assistive tools and technology that work to reduce symptoms

  • Strategies for managing the triggers of visual stress 

  • Recommendations for environmental modifications and accommodations at home, work and school

  • Awareness and educational sessions for the general public

  • Training for health and education practitioners 

We genuinely love what we do!

It shows in the quality products and services we provide.

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I first had the idea for Opticalm in 2012 following the diagnosis of my son’s learning disabilities and visual stress. During the first few years, I spent most of my time researching the condition, testing and training on the testing tools and solution options, and travelling to the US and Europe to meet with researchers, manufacturers, and users of the equipment.


In 2013, I completed the certificate for “Colorimetry in Clinical Optometry and Education” in Cardiff, UK and studied all CET material offered by Optometry Today and the UK’s General Optical Council. This is also when I acquired the first Intuitive Colorimeter in Canada. In 2014 I began offering assessment services a few days a week in local therapy spaces and in 2015, the Opticalm Visual Stress Clinic opened. It has since grown to a fully operational assessment clinic, showroom and training centre. To date, I've performed hundreds of hours of assessments and consultations and supervised the training of two assessment specialists. I am a member of the International Institute of Colorimetry, and I've completed the Neuro-Visual Rehabilitation course with Dr. W Padula, as well as the “The Complicated Brain”  series at the University of Ottawa Mini-Med School.


In the past few years, I have been invited to speak at conferences in both Europe and Canada. 


My business degree from McGill University and 25 years of experience in new business development in the public and private sectors has been instrumental in building Opticalm and Visual Stress Canada.


"I'm committed to increasing the awareness of the condition, and developing a network of specialists that can provide high-quality evidence-based products and services for the treatment of Visual Stress."  

Founder & CEO


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As the primary Colorimetry assessment specialist at the Opticalm Visual Stress Clinic, I work with clients and their treatment specialists to coordinate client intake, insurance coverage and visual stress assessments, which can be performed in either French or English.


After studying Psychology, I went on to spend the next 10 years at the French Catholic School Board where I worked at both the early childhood education level as well as at the board level in the classroom.


My experience and education in working with children who have learning difficulties and special needs have given me an understanding of how visual sensory processing difficulties can impact one's learning, behaviour, and development. 


I've received the certificate for “Colorimetry in Clinical Optometry and Education”, studied all CET material offered by Optometry Today and the UK’s General Optical Council, and attended "Visual Stress in Rehabilitation: Cortical Hyperexcitement, Discomfort and Colour (Dr. A. Wilkins). 


"Having been with the Clinic since its early days as a resource for education and marketing, and now performing Colorimetry Assessments, I am still impressed by the positive results and difference that Precision Tinted Lenses have on one's visual cortex. Getting clients back to their "Zen!" 

Assessment Manager


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I've been working with Opticalm since it first started, providing bookkeeping and accounting services, including planning and forecasting of financial information and insights to help facilitate the company’s growth. I also work as the director and co-president of Oulton & Devine Inc. for which I provided bookkeeping and accounting services since 1992. 


I have a Diploma in Business-Accounting from Algonquin College, a Bachelors Degree from Carleton University, and I'm a student member of CPA Ontario. 


I plan events for a community organization that raises funds for a variety of charities, including the Ottawa Humane Society. I enjoy spending my free time with my young family and the dogs that I fosters for local dog rescues.   

Manager, Accounting and Operations



I work on data management, website design, photography, videography, and social media at Opticalm. I'm now in my third year of the Bachelor of Information Technology - Interactive Multimedia & Design program at Carleton University/Algonquin College.


I fully understand how helpful precision tinted lenses can be! I've been wearing my turquoise lenses since grade 5, when it was discovered that visual stress was the main contributor to my various learning and attention misdiagnosis in school.  I want to share my story in the hopes that others like me will not “lose confidence at school” just because they don’t know about the simple solutions that stop the words from swirling and flashing, as they did for me until I got my precision tinted lenses.


I hope to encourage others to be confident about wearing tinted lenses, and not be worried about what others will say. My classmates thought it was “cool” how they made such a difference for me and I get many great compliments about how stylish they look. 

Graphic Designer



I work on data entry, administration and inventory management at the Opticalm Visual Stress Clinic. I am excited to work at Opticalm and do what I can to increase the awareness of how simple solutions like tinted overlays, coloured paper, and coloured glasses can help others, like me, to succeed in school.  


I am starting my Health Sciences degree at uOttawa in 2020.  My high school science and business classes have already helped me with my work at the Clinic. I understand how helpful precision tinted lenses can be as I wore them in elementary school to help with reading condensed text and concentration in a busy, highly lit classroom. My precision tinted light purple-blue lenses removed the perceptual distortions that caused me to experience word movement and depth perception difficulties.


I no longer require the accommodation as my brain is now able to manage the triggers to visual stress. I'm now an avid reader and top-grade student. In my spare time, I work out, hang out with friends and chill with my family and dog.

Data Entry & Administration


Opticalm Visual Stress Clinic

160 Terence Matthews Cres., Suite G1, Main Floor

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Tel: 613-294-6437

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