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About screen tinting

Many people with migraines, persistent concussion symptoms and learning difficulties have trouble with the brightness of computer screens and other devices. Scrolling, moving images, and the pattern of text can lead to discomfort, nausea and eye strain and pain.


Some people find it difficult or distracting to read or work on bright screens. The screen backlights make it difficult to stay focused, and the content may appear to move and blur. These are common difficulties associated with Visual Stress.


There are many options available on devices to tint the screen to your liking.

How can screen tinting reduce Visual Stress?

Tinting your screen can reduce Visual Stress by:

  • calming the bright light from the computer screen;

  • reducing the contrast of black text against the white background; and

  • altering the striped pattern created by text across the web-pages.


Without help, the symptoms of Visual Stress can make it very hard to concentrate on computer related work and lead to eye strain, fatigue, headaches, nausea and sore eyes.

About the software

The Crossbow Tint & Track software is a virtual overlay and reading ruler designed to remove screen intolerances and discomforts by adding a custom colour filter to a computer screen. This reduces high contrast of black text on a white background with tracking lines and increases comfort.

With millions of colours to choose from, and many configurations of shape, size, line width and line position, all accessible at the click of a button, the Tint & Track software can benefit computer users everywhere - whether they are at home, school, or office.

Crossbow Tint & Track

Key features

  • Pre-populated with Crossbow's 10 colours (matching the physical versions of the product) as well as a custom colour feature to create the perfect colour for you.

  • Overlay mode - best for tinting the whole screen at once.

  • Reading ruler mode - best for helping you keep your place while reading.

  • A variety of fully customizable tracking lines to help you keep your place while you read.

  • Keyboard shortcuts to quickly perform actions with the software (i.g., turn your overlay on and off or cycle between the modes)

Screen tinting software

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