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LED lighting

About lighting products

Increase comfort at home and work with custom, dimmable, indirect, and efficient LED (light emitting diode) lighting.

Opticalm provides a colour changing LED bulb that uses a simple remote-control to select the optimal light colour. These are a great solution for ambient room lighting in a table or floor lamp and as supplemental task lighting in a desk lamp. When tuned to your preferred colour, this light can help to reduce headaches, fatigue and discomfort and help with reading and concentration.

How can they reduce Visual Stress?

​Overhead fluorescent office, classroom and retail lighting often trigger Visual Stress related pain, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, and discomfort.

  • Individuals with Visual Stress are sensitive to glare and bright, direct and flickering light sources.

  • Symptoms can also include the appearance of distortions and the sensation that the light is too bright when neither is the case.

  • Light sensitivity can delay getting back to work or school following a concussion or brain trauma and can also impact individuals with learning, reading or attention difficulties.

Types of lighting

Indirect natural light, dimmable LED lighting, or incandescent light is often best. Compact fluorescent bulbs and overhead fluorescent lights should be avoided wherever possible. New LED solutions have come to the market for homes and offices that offer dimming functions, softer whites, and, to the benefit of individuals with Visual Stress, bulbs where the colour of the light can be selected.

Natural lighting

While natural indirect lighting is helpful, individuals with Visual Stress may also be very sensitive to glare it may create. It may appear more intense or may flicker. Therefore, positioning should also be considered important - facing the window or facing the sun should be avoided and surfaces should be matte rather than polished. 

Commercial lighting

New LED retrofit products are now available for commercial installations. These lights offer a softer low-glare indirect light with no flicker, can be installed with dimmers to independent light switches, and offer high energy efficiency. A bonus is that they are installed quickly into recessed fluorescent lighting bases in commercial spaces (i.g., school, offices, libraries).


Contact Opticalm for more information regarding this commercial lighting option.

Alternate lighting solutions

In addition to Opticalm’s remote-controlled bulbs, smart colour LED bulbs, like the Phillips Hue brand, are available. Their bulbs can be programmed with an iOS or Android App to emit the colour spectrum of light most comfortable for the individual. These bulbs can be used as task lighting in a desk lamp, or as ambient room lighting in table or floor lamps.

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