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Solutions for colour vision deficiency

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EnChroma color blind glasses

EnChroma offers a colour blind test

Enhancing colour vision

Your eyes detect colour through special cells called cones. Each cone is specifically programmed to receive a certain colour of light. Colour vision deficiency (CVD) or colour blindness occurs when someone has fewer functioning cones than average or when certain cones respond the same way an excessive overlap of the red and green cones causes the colour blind to confuse colours or see a limited range of hues.

Occasionally, we see clients for visual stress related to a concussion or migraine headaches who have also been diagnosed with CVD.  They have said that when they are wearing their Opticalm precision tinted lenses, they experience enhanced colour perception and colour discrimination in the colours they are able to see. While this is not the condition that our Intuitive Colorimetry process is designed to identify, it can be a fortunate side benefit of our precision tinted lenses. 

EnChroma lenses use a unique patented technology that cuts out specific wavelengths of light. When the red and green cone cells overlap too much it causes some colours to look the same. EnChroma lenses compensate for this overlap so colours appear more vibrant, clear and distinct.

The colours a person can detect and how well they can detect them depends on what type of colour blindness they have. The most common mix-up is with colours containing red or green. A more rare form of the condition is the difficulty distinguishing between blue and yellow. The ability to see and tell the difference between colours is directly related to the ability of the colour cones in the eye to function properly. In the case of the colour blind, the excessive overlap of the red and green cones makes it difficult to see the full range of colours.

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Colour vision deficiency (CVD) affects millions of people worldwide. Men are most commonly affected with 1 in 12 having some form of CVD while the prevalence in women is 1 in 200. It is usually genetically inherited, but eye injury accidents and certain diseases also can result in a loss of colour recognition. Most people who suffer from CVD are not blind to colour, but have a reduced ability to see them.

Who is affected?

We encourage you to take the Enchroma colour blindness test to identify your type and severity of colour deficiency.  Before coming to Opticalm to try Enchroma eyewear you should see your vision care professional for a full optometric assessment. 


​Once you’ve taken the test and have received your Enchroma colour blind test result email, forward it to us at


Since colour vision deficiency ranges from mild to extreme, it’s not uncommon for an individual to never know they live with the condition. Normally it is detected at a regular eye exam. The eye doctor holds up a testing plate and asks the patient to identify the correct numbers in a circle filled with colourful dots. The individuals may not see any numbers at all, or they may name the incorrect number. The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends that every child receive a complete optometric examination, including a test for colour vision. Because many elementary-aged learning materials are based on colour identification, this is particularly important before they begin full-time schooling so adjustments can be made for affected children.

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The Enchroma Difference...

At Opticalm we carry all six EnChroma filter lenses and the most popular EnChroma frame styles. They are available in both prescription and non-prescription. Prices in our store reflect current Canadian prices on the EnChroma website. Contact us to try on the glasses and see the impact for yourself. Approximately 80% of people with red-green CVD will see an improvement in their colour perception while wearing Enchroma glasses. While the effect can be instantaneous for some people, for most, the impact may be more subtle and take a short time for the full effect to be felt.

It is important to note that 20% of CVD patients who try EnChroma lenses have a “wow” moment and for 20% of patients there is no impact. The 60% in the middle will have a range of experiences. That being said we encourage those with CVD to try EnChroma lenses for themselves to see how their world is affected by this amazing technology.

There are many different types of colour vision deficiencies, however, EnChroma’s design addresses red-green deficiency specifically. Statistics indicate that roughly 4 of every 5 cases of colour blindness will respond to EnChroma technology.

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EnChroma develops cutting-edge lens technologies and high-performance eyewear for colour blindness. Invented by a Ph.D. glass scientist and UC Berkeley mathematician, EnChroma’s revolutionary glasses combine the latest in colour perception neuroscience and lens innovation to improve the lives of people around the world. As an EnChroma authorized retailer, Opticalm offers modern collections in an array of styles that are all Rx customizable to provide bright, vibrant colour for all. 

Change the way you see the world

When you don’t perceive colour as the average person does, life is more than just dull; it can also be a lot more difficult. We rely on colour for all sorts of things. From school to work, to everyday tasks like driving; colour is a large part of how we communicate. When you cannot see a full range of colour, the world’s colour based systems can be terribly isolating.

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