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There are many solutions and assessment options 


Step 1 - Free pre-screening

Find out now if you, a family member or a patient has Visual Stress.

The pre-screening test is a discovery tool that gives you a better understanding of Visual Stress, your situation and the likelihood that you suffer and will benefit from steps 2 and 3.

The free pre-screening test includes the following:

  • Informative video clips to guide you along

  • A report with your score and test results

  • Links to additional resources and potential solutions.

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Step 2 – Visual Stress assessment

When your pre-screening test results show that Visual Stress may be contributing to your symptoms or you suspect that you may have Visual Stress, contact a clinic to book an in-clinic assessment.

Note: A full and recent eye examination is strongly recommended at this stage to rule out and correct any visual anomalies that may be contributing to your symptoms.

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Step 3 – Intuitive Colorimeter™ assessment

The Intuitive Colorimeter™ assessment determines the optimal tint, brightness and saturation to help alleviate or reduce symptoms of Visual Stress and improve quality of life. With over 100,000 colour combinations, medical precision tints are the best solution to help individuals who suffer from Visual Stress. 

Your provider will move to step 3 only if the results of step 2 are conclusive.

Note: A full and recent eye examination is necessary before prescribing precision-tinted lenses.

To learn more, contact us or a colorimetry provider.

intuitive colorimeter curve assessment

Tint update

The Visual Stress Tint Update is a full Intuitive Colorimeter assessment that determines the updated precision tinted lens combination for optimal relief of symptoms.


Brain healing, injury, development, adaptation or the need for a new vision prescription can lead to changes in sensitivity levels and in turn the need for an update to the precision tinted lens combination.

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