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Design and features

The Curve embodies cutting-edge technology and sleek styling. It provides an innovative digital solution for colorimetry and Visual Stress.

Since the launch of the first model of Intuitive Colorimeter™ over 25 years ago, three generations of the instrument have followed a manual assessment process, allowing the parameters of hue, saturation and brightness to be explored systematically.

While the new device still follows a systematic process familiar to the vision professional, it incorporates the functionality of a digital system that creates a more streamlined experience for patients and practitioners alike.

Logical, sequential and repeatable

The Intuitive Colorimeter™ allows the logical and sequential investigation of colour space in a repeatable manner. The three parameters of colour - hue, saturation of the hue, and brightness - are adjusted independently while the eyes are colour adapted, resulting in a final colour that is extremely precise to the individual’s needs. Studies have shown that, for many, slight deviations from the optimal colour can cause the colour to be ineffective.

The Intuitive Colorimeter™ is the most precise tool to guide patients in selecting an ophthalmic tint that reduces discomfort and perceptual distortion.

An examination with the Intuitive Colorimeter™ lasts about 30-45 minutes and enables the effects of hue, saturation and brightness to be explored systematically and efficiently whilst the eyes remain colour adapted.


The shades available enable the tint to be precisely tailored to an individual’s needs. The prescribed tint is reproduced precisely in Cerium’s specially designed laboratories.

Science and research

The first Intuitive Colorimeter™ was designed in 1993 by Professor Arnold Wilkins while working at the Medical Research Council Applied Psychology Unit in Cambridge with Cerium Visual Technologies and the University of Essex. He conducted research that established the existence of an underlying photophobic condition, previously under-recognized, that could impede the visual ability to read text. The symptoms of the condition were frequently confused with those of dyslexia; the condition is now known as Visual Stress.


The Intuitive Colorimeter™ was the first calibrated instrument to prescribe precise colour to alleviate symptoms of Visual Stress.

Professor Wilkins’s earlier work on photosensitive epilepsy and migraine led to his recognition that Visual Stress is probably neurological in origin. Later it was established, in a pivotal study, that individually prescribed precision tinted lenses, selected from the Intuitive Colorimeter™, reduced abnormal brain activity in migraine patients.


The symptoms of Visual Stress may occur in a variety of neurological conditions, including autism, multiple sclerosis, stroke and closed head injury. Research continues into the impact of coloured lenses in these related conditions.

Improve patient outcomes with the Intuitive Colorimeter™
Identify the precision colour needed to help with Visual Stress.
No more guessing! No more trial and error!
Now available in Canada!
The Intuitive Colorimeter™ is the most effective tool to find the optimal precision tint to reduce symptoms of Visual Stress. It is FDA approved and it is a registered Health Canada class 1 medical device.
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