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with the Cerium Intuitive Colorimeter™

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Once identified in the Intuitive Colorimeter™, a set of trial lenses is assembled to replicate the hue, saturation and brightness. These are trialed by the client in different light sources and for different visual tasks (i.g., reading near and in the distance, and when walking). Slight adjustments can be made, however, 9 out of 10 times the colour combination remains the one that was indicated in the instrument.

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A pair of lenses is then tinted, using medically designed tints, to the individual’s unique specifications. Once received in the clinic, the lenses are installed into the client’s frame of choice. While there may seem to be some consistent choice of colour when a large number of tints are compared, there is no one, two, or even five best colours that stand out. In fact, recent research identified that several thousand colours need to be presented to find the best solution.

About the Intuitive Colorimeter™

This FDA approved and Health Canada registered class 1 medical device is the most effective tool to find the optimal precision tint to reduce symptoms of Visual Stress. The Intuitive Colorimeter™ allows the logical and sequential investigation of colour space in a repeatable manner.


The three parameters of colour - hue, saturation, and brightness - are adjusted independently to find a precise colour wavelength during an assessment. The individual’s eyes adapt to the colour identified.

About colorimetry

Colorimetry is the formal process of evaluating the effects of colour and light on a person’s visual and perceptual symptoms when they observe pattern and text. When colour is effective, precision tinted lenses are prescribed to reduce the symptoms. With the Intuitive Colorimeter™, the effect of colour on visual discomfort and perceptual distortions can be efficiently measured under controlled conditions. 


The equipment was developed by Professor Arnold J. Wilkins, while working at the Medical Research Council, to investigate the reported use of coloured overlays and lenses to reduce reading difficulties. The instrument was designed to allow a full range of colours to be sampled in a simple way. If there’s a colour that reduces distortions, it would be able to find it.

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