Custom clip ons are a light-weight and flexible option as you can easily attach and detach them as you need them. A lawyer may want to remove them when in court, a student may only want to wear them in class, or you may not need them in your home or office where you have made modifications to remove triggers. Clip ons are a great way to manage your visual stress.


Custom Clip ons are made to match the colour and shape of your glasses.


Note: For Custom Clipons, your glasses are sent away to the clip-on manufacturer. In order for them to make the clip ons match the size and colour of your frames, they need to have them on hand.


Timing: Your glasses should be back to us for you to pick up within a week to 10 days.  It will then take another week for the lab to install your precision tinted lenses in your new clip ons.

Custom Clip ons for Precision Tinted Lenses

  • Opticalm provides custom clip ons for your precision tinted lenses so you can wear them as you would a sunglass clip, on top of your regular glasses.


    Price starting at: $155 / Contact us for details.

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