Precision tinted lenses identified in the Visual Stress Assessment are sold as uncut lenses.  These lenses must be edged and installed into a frame.


The fee covers the following services:

  • Confirmation of refractive prescription with client optometrists;
  • Preparation of Trial Rx frame for slight prescription changes for use in the assessment;
  • Consultation to determine the best type and style of frame, fitover or clip on;
  • Matching of the lens shape, size, and base curve with the frame;
  • Ordering and verification of the precision tinted lenses from our lab;
  • Lens edging and mounting into frames;
  • Instruction of use;
  • Any follow-up visits within six months;
  • Guarantee: Complete replacement at no cost for any manufacturing or installation errors, when performed at our lab. This includes edging or mounting errors such as chipping.


IMPORTANT: When a prescription is combined with the precision tinted lens, Opticalm must receive frame and eye measurements before ordering the lenses. The above fee covers the installation of the lenses into the selected frame. However, measuring and dispensing must be performed by a licensed Optician.  Cost varies by Optician but is usually between $80 to $120. Our Optical specialist can help clients coordinate these steps with their Optician.

Edging, Frame Selection and Fitting Service

  • Our Optical Services Specialists provides lens assembly and fitting services to help clients create the best frame and lens combination.  They will guides clients along the way, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.


    Price starting at: $110 / Contact us for details.

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