We work with optometrists and opticians to ensure that our client’s prescription is up to date. This is essential to ensuring the optimal prescription/tint combination meets our client’s specific needs.


Vision Assessment:

As part of our protocol, clients must see an optometrist for an extended vision assessment to investigate eye health, refractive error and other vision related conditions that may be contributing to symptoms.



If a new prescription is identified, clients are required wear their new glasses at the Visual Stress Assessment. Appointments should only be booked once they have adapted to their new prescription glasses. This is especially important if a prism has been added to the prescription for vision therapy purposes.


This option is not recommended if you anticipate frequent prescription changes following a head injury or while going through vision therapy.


Measuring and Dispensing:

Both frame and eye measurements are necessary prior to ordering combination prescription and tinted lenses. This must be performed by a licensed optician.

Prescription Lenses with Precision Tint

  • Precision tinted lenses are available with refractive prescription.


    Opticalm can provide single vision near, single vision distance, bifocals, and Rx multifocal lenses with low prescriptions.


    Combining the precision tint with prescription provides a light and convenient solution.


    For clients experiencing frequent prescription changes, we recommend clip ons or fitovers.


    Price starting at: $250 / Contact us for an estimate.

Opticalm Visual Stress Clinic

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