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Insurance coverage for post-concussion rehabilitation

Opticalm® Visual Stress Clinic is an approved health care facility and licensed service provider for Motor Vehicle Accident claimants. A variety of our products and services are covered. We take care of submitting treatment plans, and invoices are billed directly through HCAI.

Opticalm is now providing these products and services to claimants with WSIB, Canada Life (formerly known as Great-West Life Disability) and Blue Cross insurance. Referrals come to us from medical specialists or directly from the insurers.

Opticalm’s evidence-based process and solutions directly affect the functioning of the visual cortex, reducing the headaches, visual and perceptual distortions and sensitivities often reported by those with post-concussion syndrome and other neurological and neuro-developmental conditions.

Neurologists, psychologists, family physicians, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and other rehabilitation and health care specialists are involved in the detection, prevention and treatment of neurological conditions where the visual system is affected. Medical professionals that consider Visual Stress as a contributing factor to their patients' difficulties can provide better patient care.

Review the signs and symptoms and if your patients appear to be experiencing Visual Stress, refer them to Opticalm for a complete assessment. Our clinic will coordinate post-concussion vision appointments and often help clients much sooner than expected, allowing for other treatments to be more effective leading to faster recovery.

For several years we have been providing effective products and services to alleviate the symptoms of Visual Stress.

Contact us today to determine if you or your patients qualify for insurance coverage.

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