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Our Clinic


Opticalm Visual Stress Clinic

The Opticalm® Visual Stress Clinic has been operating from our Ottawa location since December 2015.   


Our 1300 square foot clinic with main floor access offers: 

  • Accessible parking and washroom 

  • Front reception 

  • Waiting areas  

  • Showroom  

  • Optician consultation area 

  • Intuitive Colorimetry Assessment room 

  • Training and meeting room 


Since inception, we have helped hundreds of clients with post-concussion vision issues, learning disabilities, migraines, and other neurological difficulties who were suffering from light and pattern sensitivity, reading difficulties, vestibular issues, anxiety, and perceptual distortions.  Using our custom filter solutions, our clients have reported increased tolerance of their visual environment, increased ability to read, reduced vestibular issues, and improved visual perception leading to reduced anxiety in public spaces or when driving. 


The Opticalm Visual Stress clinic is an HCAI approved health care facility, licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) to be a service provider for motor vehicle accident claimants. We have supplier arrangements with the Government of Canada, local school boards, and WSIB for workplace injury insurance. 


We are committed to eliminating differences in health status between groups and creating a diverse and inclusive environment. Our wheelchair accessible office is on the main floor of our building. It offers lighting that can be adjusted to enhance client comfort.  


Opticalm is committed to promoting safety and wellness through reducing the incidents of smoking triggers, reducing exposure to second-hand smoke, and increasing awareness of the impact tobacco use has on others. All individuals are asked to refrain from using any tobacco or smoking products in our office and outside our business complex. 


Scented products can affect our staff, clients and visitors who are sensitive or have allergies. All individuals are asked to refrain from wearing or using scented personal products while visiting our office. Scented personal products may include fragrances, shampoos and conditioners, hairsprays, deodorants, colognes and aftershaves. 

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