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As an insurance company, you provide a variety of solutions to protect individuals who are injured while driving, at work, or while engaged in the regular activities of life.  


When individuals are injured, their health care providers assist with rehabilitation and often refer them to other service providers for additional support.  


If Visual Stress is suspected, many health care providers will conduct a pre-screening test that often includes a trial of colour filters. If the outcomes are positive, they refer their patients to Opticalm for visual stress products and services.

Opticalm performs assessments to confirm the Visual Stress diagnosis and provides insurers with a detailed report on the diagnosis and recommended accommodations.

The Opticalm Visual Stress Clinic has an active Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) service provider license and is an approved Health Claims for Auto Insurance (HCAI) healthcare facility in Ontario. If clients have sustained a concussion and are experiencing post-concussion vision difficulties as the result of a motor vehicle accident, we submit treatment and assessment plans directly to motor vehicle accident insurance companies for review and approval. Treatment plans are submitted jointly with the client's referring specialist/affiliated provider. Opticalm's Assessment Specialists are trained on the use of Ophthalmic Colorimetry testing equipment and tools.

Opticalm is a registered Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), Blue Cross, and Canada Life provider as well as an approved supplier to the Government of Canada. 

The tools and technologies recommended following an assessment address a cluster of visual perceptual processing and physical symptoms that are neurological in origin and can be acquired from a concussion or head injury. These include headache, photophobia, and difficulties with perception, reading, concentration and balance. 


Many neurological diagnoses have symptoms that Visual Sress solutions may address: 


  • Migraine (G53) 

  • Chronic post-trauma headache (G.44.3) 

  • Concussion (S.06.0) 

  • Post-concussion syndrome (F.07.02) 

  • Whiplash with neurological signs (S.13.42) 

  • Convergence insufficiency (H.51.1) 

  • Disorder of accommodation (H.52.5) 

  • Visual disturbances (H.53) 

  • Disorders of vestibular function (H.81.8) 

  • Stroke (ICD-10) 

Independent Medical Reviews:

Over the past several years, health specialists in rehabilitation have recommended treatment plans for their patients that include precision tinted lenses, computer software or lighting. While most insurance companies have approved the assessments and assistive tools, we've had several instances where an independent medical review of the treatment plan was requested. 


Optometry specialists and neuropsychologists performed these reviews for Opticalm. In most cases, they have been very supportive of our evidence-based testing processes and assessment protocol.

Quotes from medical reviews

"Correlations have been shown between tints with certain colours and the reduction of visual symptoms, which include nausea, poor concentration, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and light sensitivity from post-concussion injuries." 


"X should be wearing the tinted lenses with the optimal prescription full time" 


"The proposed assessments and treatments services, products and the associated costs are reasonable"  


"We are formally approving funding under section 38 (8) of the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS) for Visual Stress" 

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