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Evidence-based solutions for migraine headaches,
brain rehabilitation, vision and learning difficulties

Who we help and work with


Opticalm helps individuals identify and manage visual stress to improve their health and get back to work, school and life. We collaborate with organizations to raise awareness and understanding of visual stress. Together we provide increased access to assistive tools, technologies and assessment services.

Individuals & Families

Find out how Opticalm can help you or a family member improve reading, learning, attention, or get relief from a migraine, concussion or head injury...

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Health Care Providers

Visual stress is found alongside many neurological conditions. Learn how to identify visual stress in your patients and provide treatment solutions...

Eye Care Professionals
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Differentiate your practice and improve patient outcomes by screening for visual stress. Find out more about the Intuitive Colorimeter...

Educators & Schools
Female Student

Learning, attention and sensory processing can be negatively impacted by visual stress. Learn how to address this with students and in classrooms...

Employers & Businesses
Giving a Presentation

Get help for reducing migraines and accommodating your employees’ light sensitivities and screen intolerance with Opticalm products...

Insurers & Lawyers
Business Meeting

Help your clients to find important visual stress solutions for their rehabilitation from automobile and workplace accidents...

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