These videos demonstrate the condition, the solutions and the impact of Visual Stress (a.k.a. Meares-Irlen syndrome) has on people's lives.


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Opticalm™ - About Visual Stress

8:42 - Most Popular

This video outlines the condition of Visual Stress, shows sample distortions, demonstrates the signs, lists the related conditions and outlines the treatment options.

Opticalm - Visual Stress Signs & Symptom

Opticalm™ - Visual Stress Signs, Triggers and Perceptual Distortions


A look at signs of Visual Stress, the triggers, and the distortions that individuals suffering from Visual Stress may experience.

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BBC News Special - Coloured Lenses for Kara Tointon's Reading Problem


This segment of the BBC special "Don't call me stupid" features actress Kara Tointon success with precision tinted lenses.


CTV Morning Live - About Visual Stress


Karen Monet from Opticalm presents on the CTV morning show. The process of Colorimetry is used to help people with visual stress who experience light sensitivity and perceptual difficulties associated with migraine, reading difficulties, and concussion or other head injury.

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International Institute of Colorimetry - Tom's Story


This is a heartwarming story of a 17 year old boys fight to turn his life around. Tom has Visual Stress or Mears-Irlen Syndrome. The text on a page multiplies in a random un-focused way, leaving reading extremely difficult and exhausting.

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Visual Stress Canada - Interview with Arnold Wilkins


This interview with Dr. Arnold Wilkins, head of the Visual Perception Unit at the University of Essex, runs through the research into the condition, the different neurological symptoms that often co-exist with Visual Stress, how colour works to alleviate the symptoms and how recent brain scans bring us closer to an understanding of the causes of Visual Stress.

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Optometry Today - Supporters of colour filters take on their critics


Dr. Bruce Evans and Professor Arnold Wilkins are interviewed by Optometry Today to explain visual stress, who precision tinted filters help and why. They explain optometry guidelines for the use of Intuitive Colorimetry, determining the genuine cases that might be helped, and how the resulting precision tinted filters help to relieve symptoms.

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Linklater Warren - What is Colorimetry?


A video FAQ about the Intuitive Colorimetry Assessments offered by Linklater Warren -


ITV Meridian Tonight - Report on Colorimetry


Hugh Kirby of ITV's Meridian Tonight reports on how precision colour is used to reduce Visual Stress, a condition where overstimulation of the visual cortex leads to a difficulty in processing visual input. Selecting the right colour through Intuitive Colorimetry has been shown to calm the brain and help people with a range of symptoms, most suffered during or after reading, including migraines and light sensitivity.

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Opticalm™ - Le Stress Visuel


Description, symptômes et les options de traitement