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“Mom is doing amazing with her new glasses.  They have changed her life! She is going out again with her friends and doing the puzzles she so loves to do.“ 

Physiotherapist BA’s mother is over 80 and had started having trouble with light sensitivity, resulting in her avoiding reading, puzzles, and shopping.  BA referred her for an assessment and we found a precision tinted lens tint that relieved her symptoms.  This quote was in a thank you note we received from her a few weeks later.

Lens Solution

“The teacher said she needs these sheets for all the children in the class! SM went up 6 reading levels just by using the overlay!” 

A local Optometrist had seen clients helped with our precision tinted glasses and called us in to do an overlay assessment on a young relative from out of town.  We found an overlay colour that made reading easier as they removed the distortions on the page. 

Overlay Solution
Girl reading with overlay.jpg

“I never read a book before for fun and am now really enjoying it.  I have stopped watching things and now Reading is my new favorite past time.” 

Educational Assessments often identify people who are struggling, even in higher education.  This young man was in university and struggling with the light in the classrooms and the volume of reading required. While waiting for his optometrist to work out the best vision prescription, we worked with him to find overlays and screen tinting software for him to use in the meantime.   

Overlay Solution
Screen tinting software.JPG

"The best assistance continues to be the coloured overlay software for my computer at work and at home.  It is honestly life changing!" 

Not all clients decide on precision tinted lenses. Some prefer to get just task-specific tools such as screen tinting software.  Our post-concussion client SA found this very helpful. 

Software Solution
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“It really feels good to write on the coloured paper with the same coloured pen.” Then she hugged the notepad to her chest and said, “oooohhh, this makes me feel so good inside.” 

AL was struggling in college and her educational psychologist referred her to us.  She took home some coloured paper and pens to use while she waited for her precision tinted lenses to come in. This is what she said when we tested her to see what the best combination of paper was. 

Paper Solution
Conference Meeting

“The session was a great overview and I'm happy to now have a place I can refer people to. Opticalm is a great source of information on this relatively unknown, yet prevalent condition.  My co-worker and I definitely had some 'aha' moments!” 

This is a comment that was left by a teacher on an evaluation form following an education session.

Education & Training
Assessment (2).jpg

“That was a very enlightening experience – pun intended – as I learned so much about what has been causing my headaches and weird vision issues.  I am so glad my Optometrist and my Occupational Therapist referred me and am really looking forward to getting my new “enlightening” filters.” 

We don’t just offer assistive tools, much of what benefits our clients is the knowledge they gain from the assessment itself – it is quite detailed and educational.  We received this comment in an email following the assessment on JM, a young lady who has had multiple concussions. 

Race Car

"I feel like a race car driver reading so fast".  And then, he looked over at his mom and said, "well, that's one less problem I have." 

From a 10-year-old boy SL, who asked if the Colorimeter was a “reading robot.” 

This is what he said when he had the trial lenses on and was doing the rate of reading test.

excess lighting.jpg

 “Having to work for 3 days at the office without my glasses confirms what they do. They make attending meetings, walking in hallways, and being in brightly lit rooms (like the hospital) much easier. If I had not bought these glasses, I would be nowhere.  I wish work would repaint the walls though - they are yellow, my most reactive colour.”

One client relayed to us how well the glasses were working for her at her work at the hospital. 

Solution for the Workplace

“H is quite excited about school this year and the teachers have already embraced her accommodations.  She's also  being tutored while wearing her glasses and that seems to be going well. We're looking forward to a great year and a lot of that is due to your help - thank you!” 

 AR brought her daughter H for an assessment for precision tinted lenses in the summer. As they approached the end of summer, she sent me this note. 

Solution for the Classroom
blonde girl with tinted glasses_edited_e

“When wearing the glasses, my triggers for PTSD are less.  I am less sensitive and less physically reactive as well, which makes me feel stronger physically and otherwise. This is where I notice a big difference.” 

Individuals with PTSD suffer from anxiety and are often in a state of heightened brain activity. If visual stress is also present, the filters can help to reduce the hyperactivity so they react less to their triggers. 

Help with PTSD
Young Teacher

"The deep red and dark orange combination is amazing!  I asked my parents to paint my room in the same colour because it's so much more calming!"

A local teacher reported back to us after doing an overlay assessment on a young boy who had several head injuries. He struggled with words moving on the page and had trouble focusing.  She tells us she is constantly blown away by how the Colorimetry helps! 

Help with Post-Concussion
Friendly Young Doctor

“My doctor told me I should be a spokesperson for Opticalm because of the improvements I’ve made in just the three weeks since having my new glasses. He said that there was nothing he could have done to achieve the same results” 

More than a year after a motor vehicle accident where our client suffered a severe head injury, this client came to us to help with his lingering light and pattern sensitivity.  He was going back to work and needed to find a way to manage the fluorescent lights and computer work. 

Help with Post-Concussion
Boy with magenta glasses-.png

“The glasses help him deal with visual stress from epilepsy and autism. He feels calmer at school and fluorescent lights and bright days don't bother him. The Opticalm assessment was relaxed and straightforward and his needs were carefully accommodated” 

This young man has been wearing precision tinted lenses for several years and just came in to get a tint update as he has grown out of his current frames. The tint was virtually the same, with just a slightly lighter saturation. 

Help with Autism