The Opticalm™ Visual Stress Intuitive Colorimetry Assessment Process follows the rigid clinical protocol as outlined by the College of Optometrists in the United Kingdom; supported by the International Institute of Colorimetry; and published in the Journal of Ophthalmic & Physiological Optics.   


1. Full eye examination by an optometrist

Before an assessment with Opticalm, clients must see an optometrist for full Vision Assessment to investigate eye health, refractive error and other vision related conditions that may be contributing to symptoms. If a new prescription is required, clients must come to the assessment wearing the new prescription. This is especially important if a prism has been added to the prescription for vision therapy purposes. 


2. Opticalm™ Visual Processing and Colorimetry Assessment

This assessment is designed to determine if Visual Stress is contributing and to identify the assistive tools and accommodations required to alleviate them. 


The process includes the following: 

  • Review and evaluation of symptoms; 
  • Identification of sensitivities and perceptual distortions using scientifically designed tests; 
  • Identification of a precision filter lens colour using FDA approved Intuitive Colorimeter device; 
  • Confirmation of lens selection effectiveness under different lighting conditions, environments, & tasks; 
  • Identify filter specifics (refraction prescription / frame details); 
  • Determination of other possible modifications and accommodations; 
  • Initial phone consultation, 1.5-hour evaluation, and the scoring and interpretation of results; and

Assessment cost - Opticalm™ Visual Processing and Colorimetry Assessment 1.5 hours: $465   


3. Formal report (optional)

The information gathered in the assessment is used to create a detailed formal report about the results of the assessment and the recommended accommodations and modifications. These can be useful for:

  • your psychologists
  • your educational and medical teams
  • making a case for accommodations at work or school
  • making a case for insurrance coverage 

Report cost: $125


Intuitive Colorimetry Assessment

  • The Intuitive Colorimetry Assessment determines the precise lens tint required to filters out the specific light wavelengths and visual images that are contributing to symptoms of visual stress. 


    The assessment includes three (3) evidence-based tests that are used to establish the existence of visual stress and to confirm the effectiveness of the filters.


    Price starting at: $465 / Contact us for details.

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