Whether precision tinted lenses were prescribed to help manage post-concussion sensitivities, anxiety, headaches, or to help with learning related reading and concentration issues, over time the brain may change, causing changes in the effectiveness of the lens tint. Possible neurological changes include:  

  • Brain healing 
  • Brain development/maturity 
  • Brain injury 
  • Brain chemistry / hormonal changes due to puberty, childbirth, menopause or drug interactions
  • Vision prescription changes 
  • Visual environment changes 


For individuals healing from acquired visual stress from brain injuries, it is the hope that, over time, brain function will start to improve and the need for accommodations like precision tinted lenses will no longer be required.  The tint update assessment helps to work towards that goal, reducing the grey levels and saturation of the filter hue as the individual’s brain becomes more tolerant of the visual triggers causing symptoms. 


For individuals with conditions such as migraines and learning difficulties, it is likely that the filter colour will remain the same unless there are neurological changes from brain development, chemistry, injury, or alterations to vision prescriptions or the visual environment.   


When any change in vision is noticed, a full vision assessment by an optometrist is recommended to investigate eye health or refractive error needs before coming to Opticalm for a tint update assessment. 

Intuitive Colorimeter - Tint Update

  • The Visual Stress Tint Update is a full Intuitive Colorimeter assessment that determines the updated precision tinted lens combination for optimal relief of symptoms.


    Brain healing, injury, development, adaptation or the need for a new vision prescription can lead to changes in sensitivity levels and in turn the need for an update to the precision tinted lens combination.


    Price starting at: $240 / Contact us for details.

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