Groundbreaking patented optical film lens and reflector technology:​

  • Soft, dimmable, flicker-free, and highly comfortable low glare indirect light
  • Highest rated energy efficiency of any retrofit or lensed troffer​
  • Lightweight and very easy to install, fit right into your fluorescent light troffer 
  • Available in custom sizes
  • Affordable and environmentally friendly
  • Attractive architectural design made in Canada.

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Opticalm and Illumisoft have joined forces to provide the right solution for overhead low glare lighting. This is an ideal product for offices, schools, clinics or homes. Our eco-friendly retrofits save you money and also benefit individuals suffering from sensitivity to fluorescent light by:

  • Reducing triggers to migraine headaches and many vision and attention difficulties
  • Improving back to work timelines
  • Reducing lost time at school or work

The patented use of optical films and uniquely designed LED diodes in our lights, creates a soft diffused indirect light that reduces glare and provides soft overall light. 


Not all LED retrofit lamps are created equal! Many on the market are cumbersome, heavy, and provide direct light with diodes pointing down or out around the edges, they are often extremely bright, and flicker causing the same issues as fluorescent lights.   


Custom made in Ottawa, these fixtures are manufactured to your specifications with flexible light outputs (brightness) and optional temperatures (cool or warm light) and can be dimmed for added comfort. 


Our retrofit fixtures are environmentally friendly and will save you money. They have the highest rated energy efficiency of any retrofit, as tested by DLC against all alternatives.  


These lights work together with screen tinting software, non-LCD computer monitors, colour tunable LED task lighting, and other simple filters and assistive tools to help increase tolerance of the visual environment in the workplace. 


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Low Glare Overhead Lighting

  • Opticalm carries the right solution for individuals suffering from light sensitivity – these fixtures offer a soft, indirect, low glare, dimmable, flicker free, and energy efficient light that is available in custom sizes at an affordable price.


    Fluorescent light is a leading cause of migraines and visual stress, and a common cause of delays in return-to-work plans for individuals with post-head injury/concussion vision issues.  Often, a change to the lighting can lead to great relief, not only for the individual suffering but to all those working in the same environment.  But the lighting has to be right, and not all LED retrofit lamps are created equal.  


    Price starting at: $150 / Contact us for an estimate.

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