A major trigger to visual discomfort and visual stress is flicker. For those who have experienced a brain injury, have migraines, or learning and attention difficulties, sensitivity to this flicker may be heightened and can be perceived even if others around do not notice it. 


Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) or fluorescent tube bulbs can emit a high frequency flicker and contribute to discomfort. New developments in LED colour-lighting offer a solution for those experiencing the negative effects of fluorescent bulbs, while maintaining energy-efficiency.

Led Smart Colour Bulbs: 10W RGBW Colour Changing - 120 Colours (set of 2)

  • Our Colour LED bulb offers great light control, broad range of light intensity and reduced flicker.


    Using a remote control, the colour of LED bulbs can be changed to suit your needs and make your home or office environments more comfortable. The colour, brightness, and saturation of the colour can be fine tuned to a “comfort” colour. The bulbs present a wide spectrum of visible light and are particularly good in the greens and blues where other colour bulbs are not. When your optimal colour of light is selected, you will feel calmer and less symptomatic.


    The bulbs can be used in a desk lamp for task lighting or in ceiling fixtures or table lamps for ambient room lighting.


    When being tested in the Colorimeter device, coloured light is used to help people determine the wavelengths that provide a calming effect. This information is used to create customized filter lenses. The LED programmable lightbulb can be used to closely recreate the comfort environment identified in the Colorimeter.


    These lights are installed in the clinic to demonstrate to clients and help them to find the best colour.




    - 10W RGBW Colour Changing Light Bulb

    - 22.8 year LED life span, based on 3 hours per day

    - 900 lumens brightness 

    - Estimated yearly operating cost $1.20

    - A+ European Union Energy Rating

    - 120 colors and soft white (2700K) light bulb 

    - Easy colour selection to create the atmosphere you want

    - Illumination is equivalent to 60W soft white incandescent bulb

    - Includes IR Remote Control

    - One key to night light mode and illumination mode

    - Timing off function: press timing key once, the light flashes once, then auto OFF after an hour. Press twice for two hours,and so on.

    - What You Get: 10W RGBW Colors LED Light Bulbs(CE, RoHS, FCC certification) x 2,remote controller x 2 ,

    - Includes a 180 day manufacturers warranty

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