The content below is intended to help you select the right type of frame for your precision tinted lenses.


We work with local opticians and frame retailers who offer a broad selection of shapes, sizes, styles and prices. Opticalm does not sell or carry frames.


Precision tinted lenses can be installed straight into ophthalmic frames with or without a prescription. 


We encourage clients to select a frame that fits well and close to their face, in a way that provides the most protection from light coming in from the top and sides.


Consider the following when selecting your frames:

  • Style: While ophthalmic sunglasses frames are a good option, so are many sporty styles of metal and plastic frames that are meant for prescription glasses. Not all styles will work with precision tinted lenses so check with us before purchasing.
  • Colour: You may wish to be stylish and match the frame to your lens tint. 
  • Material: Purchase only full frames, as opposed to rimless or semi-rimless, for precision tinted lenses.
  • Sun Clips: Look for frames with integrated clip-ons (ie. Easy-Clip) in a sunglass tint you are comfortable with.  Standard clip-on tints are either a grey tone or brown tone.  These may be added to your precision tints for added sun protection and are often polarized, offering additional glare reduction.
  • Size:– Larger, more fitted frame will provide more protection from light and other visual stress triggers.
  • Used frames: Clients are welcome to bring in their frames and we will arrange for the installation of their precision tinted lenses if the frames are approved ophthalmic frames in reasonable condition.

Frames for Precision Tinted Lenses

  • We encourage clients to shop around and be sure to check out their local optometrist, optician, or frame retailer. They offer a wide variety of frame options, from simple to stylish and in a wide price range.

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