Some people find it difficult or distracting to write on bright white paper.  The glare makes it difficult to stay on the lines, and the lines themselves may appear to move. These are common difficulties associated with visual stress. 


Handwriting may be improved when writing on the correct colour of tinted paper. Often spacing and letter shape is improved.   


Writing with a similarly coloured pen can also be helpful by reducing the contrast.

Coloured Paper Notepads - 5" X 8" (Sets of 4)

  • 5" x 8" (12,7 x 20,32cm)

    50 Sheets

    Line spacing = wide ruled with a margin

    Perforated sheets 

    Cardstock back


    Available in the following colours:

    Pink, light purple, grey blue, blue, light turquoise, green, beige, creme, grey

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