Our Key Advisors

Opticalm works closely with specialists in Education, Neurology, Optometry, and Health Care to find the best ways to help their students, patients, and clients manage their visual stress symptoms. Their input is greatly valued as it has helped increase awareness of the condition of visual stress, led to more individuals being diagnosed, and increased the types of products and services available in the marketplace.


It has been the participation of these early adopters, with their openness to alternative explanations for patient symptoms and alternative treatments to help manage the symptoms, that has contributed to the support we now receive from the motor vehicle accident, workplace accident, and some personal health insurance organizations. 


Arnold Wilkins.jpg

Dr. Arnold J. Wilkins

Emeritus Professor
Department of Psychology
University of Essex

Opticalm is indebted to the work and ongoing support of Dr Arnold Wilkins, neuropsychologist, and professor emeritus of the Visual Perception Clinic in the University of Essex (UK), Department of Psychology.  

Dr. Wilkins’ research focusses on clinical vision, migraine, reading, text design, and lighting and he has been instrumental in the innovation and development of ophthalmic colorimetry and the related testing protocols and medical equipment.  

Dr. Wilkins has visited Canada on three occasions since 2012 to present to health care and education groups on behalf of Opticalm. During these visits, he provided extensive training on the Intuitive colorimeter device, and he continues to support Opticalm’s activities with advice and guidance. 


While a senior researcher at the Medical Research Council Applied Psychology Unit, Professor Wilkins designed the Intuitive Colorimeter, the first calibrated instrument for the prescribing of Precision Tinted Lenses. When a shade is appropriately selected, the lenses can eradicate perceptual distortions commonly experienced by those who suffer from visual stress. The Intuitive Colorimeter is now used by community optometrists worldwide. Professor Wilkins has authored three books and published more than 200 articles in scientific journals.

Health Care and Education Specialists

Opticalm acknowledges that there are many who have helped the company grow to where it is today.  They have helped by providing information to their networks, guidance on how to work within their fields, consultation, suggestions for products and services, research support, referrals, and assistance with the insurance industry. 


Dr. Peter Allen, Head of the Visual Function and Physiology Research group, Vision and Eye Research, Anglia Ruskin University, UK 

Dr. David Atack, Neurologist, Ottawa, Canada, retired 

Ms. Susan Atack-Brousseau, Neuropsychometrist, Ottawa, Canada, retired 

Mr. Derrick Matthew Buchanan, Clinical Neuroscientist and Researcher, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada  

Ms. Brenda Case, Certified Special Education Reading Specialist, Centrepoint Professional Services, Ottawa, Canada

Dr. Michael Cheng, Psychiatrist, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), Ottawa, Canada 

Dr. William Clarke, Optometrists, Merivale Vision Care, and Neurooptometrist, Ottawa Vision Therapy, Canada 

Dr. Bruce Evans, Optometrist, and Director of Research at the Institute of Optometry, London, UK 

Ms. Christine Fitzmaurice, Manager, International Institute of Colorimetry, London, UK 

Mr. Bob Hext, Founder and Managing Director, Crossbow Education Ltd, and his team, Stafford, UK 

Ms. Claire Hurd, Occupational Therapist, Trac Group, Ottawa, Canada

Ms. Maryse Holland, Physiotherapist, Altum Health, Ottawa, Canada

Ms. Kimberley Harrison, Managing Director, Cerium Visual Technologies Ltd., Kent, UK, and her team

Dr. David Thomson, Optometrist, Founder Thomson Software Solutions, Hatfield, UK 

Dr David Zackon, Neuro Ophthalmologist, The Ottawa Hospital Eye Institute, Ottawa, Canada