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Visual Stress is caused by visually disturbing lights, images and patterns that trigger hyperactivity in the visual areas of the brain. This leads to physical discomfort, visual sensory processing difficulties and sensitivities that can interfere with reading, attention, coordination, general health and behaviour.  


Visual Stress is estimated to be present in approximately 20% of poor readers and 15% of the general population. Opticalm provides solutions to help manage your visual stress symptoms. 


Symptoms of migraine, photophobia, post-concussion symptoms, visual sensory processing disorder, ADHD and post-stroke vision problems


Headache, eye pain and strain, light and screen sensitivity, nausea from movement, visual sensory overload and cognitive fatigue 


Learning, reading, attention, mood, visual perception, balance, confidence, general health, 

behaviour , recovery time and the effectiveness of other therapies


Opticalm helps individuals identify and manage visual stress to improve their health and get back to work, school and life. We collaborate with organizations to raise awareness and understanding of visual stress. Together we provide increased access to assistive tools, technologies and assessment services.

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Purchase assistive tools and technology such as:

  • Screen tinting software

  • Lighting solutions for home or office (Illumisoft, LIFX, PlayBulb and others)

  • Coloured overlays, paper and pens

  • Books (some free to download)

  • Pre-screening and overlay assessment kits

  • E Ink (epaper) Non-LCD Computer Monitor and tablet

       (ONYX BOOX MAX 2)

  • Fitover frames and stock or custom clip ons for precision tinted lenses



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BECOME AN Opticalm specialist

Beyond referring patients to Opticalm for assessment, we offer providers in the fields of health care, vision care, rehabilitation and education a unique opportunity to differentiate their practice, widen their referral streams and raise the profile of their business.

We will soon be offering a selection of five practical options that can be easily incorporated into your practice and bring new beneficial solutions to your patients and clients. 



Contact  Karen Monet to discuss introducing our service into your practice.