Assistive technology and tools 
for learning difficulties, migraines 
and other neurological differences 


Visual Stress Screening


There are several stages to the effective screening of Visual Stress.


1) Pre -screening questionnaire:


These are questions that help the individual and the screener understand the various symptoms and manifestations of visual stress that may be present. Often, until these questions are asked, people think that what they are experiencing is normal and that others do not experience the same things. These questions may never have been asked of them, so the symptoms may never have been mentioned.


2) Pattern Glare test:


The Pattern Glare Test, uses specifically designed striped images to identify individuals who have a high neurological sensitivity to images and who may be good candidates for relief through colour.


3) Overlay Screening:


This is a methodical and scientifically designed process of evaluating the optimal colour of overlay that best reduces the symptoms an individual is experiencing with text.


Screening Kit