Assistive technology and tools 
for learning difficulties, migraines 
and other neurological differences 



Solutions with Light and Colour

· The first step, Investigating the Circumstances

· Environmental Adjustments

· Visual Stress Screening

· Overlays

· Screen Tinters

· Coloured paper

· PTL Glasses or Contacts



Experience Colour Now

Experience Colour Now!













Visual Stress can occur under several circumstances that must each be considered.


1) The need for corrective prescription lenses or binocular vision anomalies (having eyes that are inappropriately aligned). In order to discover if this is the cause it is always recommended that an optometrist be consulted to rule out these conditions. If these are corrected, and there are still visual stress issues, then precision coloured filters should be investigated. This can be done simultaneously and prescriptions and tinting can be combined on one set of glasses.


2) Reading or working under poor lighting conditions that are either too low or too high can cause Visual Stress. Changes to your environment may need to be made to correct for lighting issues.


3) Where there is no other explanation but that the images themselves create an unusually strong neurological response and result in Visual Stress Symptoms. When screening for visual stress, a specific pattern glare test is used to identify individuals who have a high neurological sensitivity to images and who may be good candidates for relief through colour.